Which one is correct (or the best choice)?

a) This study aimed to determine the difference between X and Y.

b) This study was aimed to determine the difference between X and Y.

c) The study’s aimed at determine the difference between X and Y.

d) The aim of this study was to determine the difference between X and Y.



Standards of reporting the findings of "Chi-Square test of goodness-of-fit” and “Chi-Square test of independence” in original articles

Presenting Chi-Square test results in an original article or thesis requires following a standard procedure. Here, I have prepared a simple approach or template that helps the author to present the findings of Chi-Square test in an appropriate way. I am sure, after reading this guideline, readers will agree with me that the findings of such a simple statistical analysis as Chi-Square test are reported wrongly in more than 95% of published papers! If you think that statistic is exaggerated, spend a few minutes of your time here and you may change your mind.

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A simple approach to writing the most impressive conclusion for original articles

In this short note, I recommend my gold standard for writing an eye-catching conclusions section for original articles. This approach is based on more than ten years’ experience as a reviewer and editor of peer-reviewed journals, and years of communication with scholars in my workshop and seminar presentations around the world.

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 Ethics of Publishing Case Reports: do we need ethics approval or patient consent?

I have received several questions about the ethics of publishing case reports in biomedical journals.

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A simple approach to organizing the discussion section of original articles

Many manuscripts are rejected from journals because of poor discussion. Indeed, in the Discussion Section of an original article, the authors tell the readers how their study affects the progress of the science, and how they contribute to the science or add something new to the existing knowledge. Therefore, there is no need to greater emphasize how important and critical it is to write a rich and effective discussion.

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Key ideas in writing the background and objectives in structured abstracts of original articles

The introduction section is a key part of the abstract in original articles, that conveys a message to the readers whether they should read the article or not.

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A simple and effective approach to writing the structured abstract for case reports

My simple and short approach to writing abstract for case reports is to organize the abstract of case report in three sub-sections, consisting of 150-200 words:

Introduction, Case Presentation, and Take-away Lesson.

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